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Strategically located in Michoacan, Mexico, where there is access to one of the biggest areas of avocado production in Mexico, and the world, which gives the opportunity and advantage of selecting the best possible quality for our clients. Aligned with the highest safety and quality standards supported by national and international certifications, several procedures are done to ensure that the ripening is at its best and qualifies for exportation, at the some time, we constantly apply quality and size standards.

Once the avocados are harvested, they are directly taken to a selection process, in which there is a profound cleaning process to eradicate any presence of plagues, infections, or stationary parasites, ensuring a clean, safe and healthy avocado delivered to your table.

To conclude with the process, the avocados are taken to a completely automatized process of labels and packaging, in which once the fruit is placed in boxes they are immediately taken to refrigeration to ensure natural ripening, guaranteed that the product delivered will be fresh and ready to eat.


The avocado industry in Mexico represents a key factor for the economy, this is because such fruit places a special roll in most of the
Mexican dishes and it is a key element in the market basket. Even though this represents an advantage, this also means that such
production and commercialization is in constant change in a volatile market.

Placed in a favorable location, inside of the Avocado Belt of Mexico, to satisfy such needs there are more than 10 states that produce
avocado, placing Michoacdn as the no.l state with more than 70% of the production for national consumption.

Therefore, it its extremely important to negotiate delivery and supply beforehand with your trustful supplier, Nah Hannah, to ensure that the avocado will comply with the highest quality and safety standards and will be delivered when needed with a competitive price.


Year by year we continue to experience the tremendous growth in the avocado industry for the international market, at the same time, this represents a bigger opportunity for countries to get to know our precious fruit and what we can offer.

ln our case, the exports that come directly from the state of Michoacan are internationally recognized since it is not only the biggest producer for the national market, but for the international as well. This is because such product complies with the highest phytosanitary standards required to export to international markets.

Currently, we as exportation company continue to see and expect a constant growth in different international markets since avocado is constantly looked for and placed as a basic in several traditional dishes or gourmet dishes throughout the 365 days of the year.

Our avocados from Mexico are not only the perfect presentation of our culture and our exquisite cuisine, but they also come with the highest quality safetystandards, with phytosanitary certificates that are asked from the international market, creating our product in the best option to certify a clean, tasty and safe fruit for consumption.


Size Full range from average to large, 5 to 12 ounces
Description Oval-shaped fruit, Small to medium seed, Easy peeling, Great taste
Appeareance Pebbly, thick but pliable skin, Pale green flesh with creamy texture
Ripe Characteristics Skin darkens as it ripens, Fruit yields to gentle pressure when ripe
Certifications NON GMO Project Verified, Mexico Supreme Quality, Hecho en Mexico


Presentation Boxes per Pallet Total Wt. per Pallet KG
4 kg Paperboard Boxes 175-230 700-1000
11.3 kg Paperboard Boxes 65-85 700-1000




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