Amaranth Seeds

100% natural amaranth provide a perfect alternative for a high nutritious product, high in fiber and protein this ancient grain will become one of you favorites for your table. Amaranth seed demand has been growing year by year as o major staple in people's diet. This special Mexican seed provides benefits from reducing inflammation, to preventing chronic diseases due to its high concentration of protein, minerals and vitamins.

Amaranth seed is obtained from the amaranth plant, that is scientifically known as Arnaranthus genus. Grown in the heart of Mexico amaranth is used in various traditional cuisines because of the high nutritional value it provides.


  • Gluten free
  • Easy to handle, store and dispose
  • Highly nutritious


  • Can be used as for cereals, protein bars, cookies, bread or muesli.
  • Used in baking for desserts or in acai bowls. Used as rice for salads or any other dish cold or not. It can also be cooked as popcorn, much more nutritious and with more protein and fiber.


Hybrid Yes
Presentation 340 gr bag, 25 kg bag
Bags per Box 12
Boxes per pallet 150
Bags per pallet 1920 , 40
Shelf Life 4 months
Packing Plastic Bag

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