About Us

"NAH HANNAH was born in Mexico, home to some of the finest, healthiest and most versatile crops in the world; some dating back to at least 10,000 B.C. The mexican cultivating sector has a strong cultural and historical tradition, where the outstanding benefits of these crops are a natural heritage; responsible for an overall outstanding quality of life and of course longevity.

At NAH HANNAH we search for unique foods that can excel in the most competitive international markets/cuisines in order to promote and share our foods flavors, scents and their natural benefits with the world."

Certified with the highest industry standards for the international market, at Nah Hannah we are constantly looking for native products that can be easily incorporated into our customer’s diet while bringing life changing benefits to their lives.

In today’s world, it is becoming increasingly hard to find foods that are 100% natural and uncontaminated, just as the Earth has delivered it to us. We are motivated by our devotion to change this.

Our Warehousing Structure

We have a capacious warehousing unit that helps us in storing the products safely until they are dispatched to our customers. We maintain the perfect temperature at our warehouse for keeping the products fresh.

Distribution Of Products

We are distributing our product range to various industries across India and several other countries abroad. We ensure that each product is delivered safely to our customers across diverse locations. Our main areas of operation are USA, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Spain, Netherlands, and Asia. "

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